Consumer testing & Sensory analysis.

Role of a tester

By joining our consumer panel, you will be able to take part in our various tests and give your opinion on all sorts of products (food, drinks, cosmetics, tests for pets, etc.).

Role of a tester

Generally, you can complete:

  • product tests on our premises (depending on where you live)
  • product tests in your own home
  • questionnaires regarding your habits, as well as new products, new packaging, etc.


Each tester must meet certain criteria to be able to take part in the various tests offered to our customers. We strive to continuously define your profile so as to offer you tests on products that are likely to interest you.

  • AVAILABILITY: we can call you up to 48 hours before a test,
  • MOBILITY: our tests are sometimes carried out in our laboratories so you must be able to travel to us,
  • CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM: for each test, you will need to return a questionnaire with specific questions — your opinion will be taken into account for the product launch,
  • WHO: our tests can concern adults, children of all ages and even pets (cats and dogs).