Consumer testing & Sensory analysis.

Our team

Institut Techni’Sens is driven by people. People who help with your projects and research on a daily basis.

Jérémy PICHERIT, Consumer & Sensory Research Director

Jérémy PICHERITConsumer & Sensory Research Director

Héloïse CAPITAINE, Consumer & Marketing Research Manager

Héloïse CAPITAINEConsumer & Marketing Research Manager

Lucie BRETHENOUX, Development Coordinator

Lucie BRETHENOUXDevelopment Coordinator

Fabien LAMBART, HR Director and Sites Coordinator

Fabien LAMBARTHR Director and Sites Coordinator

Marion LECRIVAIN, Research Executive

Marion LECRIVAINResearch Executive

Charlotte TEILHET LEVEL, Research Executive

Charlotte TEILHET LEVELResearch Executive

Emma FOUILLAIS, Research Executive

Emma FOUILLAISResearch Executive

Clémence BOUDJEDIR ROUFFY, Research Executive

Clémence BOUDJEDIR ROUFFYResearch Executive

Louise BERTHAUD, Research Executive

Louise BERTHAUDResearch Executive

Manon WOEHRLÉ, Research Executive

Manon WOEHRLÉResearch Executive

Chiara PEZZINI, Research Executive

Chiara PEZZINIResearch Executive

Lisa PÉRÈS, DP & Innovation Coordinator

Lisa PÉRÈSDP & Innovation Coordinator

Aurélie BARDIN, Technician

Aurélie BARDINTechnician



Elise GAUTIER, Panel Recruitment Coordinator

Elise GAUTIERPanel Recruitment Coordinator

Jennifer PARIS, Panel Recruitment Coordinator

Jennifer PARISPanel Recruitment Coordinator

Sonia BUTIN, Management Assistant

Sonia BUTINManagement Assistant

Céline BELLAVIA, Administrative Secretary

Céline BELLAVIAAdministrative Secretary

Léa PEPKIEWICZ, Administrative Secretary

Léa PEPKIEWICZAdministrative Secretary

Mélissa GOMBAUD, Communication Manager

Mélissa GOMBAUDCommunication Manager