Consumer testing & Sensory analysis.

Concept testing

These tests are used to confirm whether a new product or concept idea is likely to succeed on a market or not.

Concept testing

Concept testing does not focus on the product itself but seeks to test the probability of consumer acceptance or the product’s ability to effectively meet a need.

The aims

The main advantage of these tests is to assess the economic potential of the new product or idea to be launched on a market.

If the idea does not interest enough identified targets, the product will not be developed thereby avoiding unnecessary investment.

The main aims of concept testing are to:

  1. gauge the appeal of a product or service idea with regard to its future customers and users,
  2. understand the reasons for this appeal/lack of interest,
  3. determine changes and additions to tailor the idea to requirements,
  4. examine the most effective distribution methods and communication channels,
  5. define the most relevant business model(s).

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