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Packaging approach

The packaging approach proposed for assessing the performance of a packaging made ​​or developing (prototypes) and to optimize its implementation before the placing on the market. The packaging approach can be considered “only” (ergonomics, attractive…), or in addition to a product test to verify the suitability product / pack.

Packaging approach

The principle

Packaging test is designed to validate the potential of a packaging or packaging to validate all marketing objectives assigned to it.

  • its shape,
  • its ergonomics,
  • its material,
  • its colors,
  • its graphics,
  • its practicality,

The packaging approach can include ensuring:

  • the packaging is sufficiently visible (in radius),
  • the packaging elements convey the image or the information,
  • that use of the pack is good, it works well with consumers,

In addition to a product test, the packaging approach can measure in near real situation the potential of torque produced packaging. In this case, it is recommended to test on models, final prototypes or developing rather than on board.

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