Consumer testing & Sensory analysis.

Product testing

All products, whether intended for the consumer sector or specialised markets (BtoB), can be subject to analytical or hedonic evaluations.
Consumer testing can therefore be used to improve understanding of expectations and preferences using specific and qualitative targeting on a sufficiently large panel. And more specific descriptive analysis is used to measure the sensory properties of a product.

Product testing

Consumer testing

Hedonic consumer testing is used to obtain ratings for your products or concepts. Results are based on the most relevant criteria and their comparison using statistical tests.

This type of test is based on a rating system, which is used to measure the level of pleasure experienced (hedonism) when the given product is consumed or used.

The standards require a minimum number of consumers for statistically reliable findings, but the greater the number of opinions, the more accurate the result. Tests are therefore often carried out with several hundred panellists. Depending on how the product is used, consumer testing can be performed in a laboratory or in the panellists’ own homes.

Expert testing

Expert testing involves panellists describing products according to a range of criteria, assessed on intensity scales. The notion of pleasure is not addressed, only the specific and intrinsic product properties.

A panel is therefore set up — an expert panel of individuals who have been trained to describe products.

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