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Techni’Sens aims to help its clients better understand their markets and their consumers. Active in France and abroad, learn why Techni’Sens is the right partner for you.

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Three main areas of research motivate us on a daily basis: qualitative approaches to decipher, to delve, to search for insights. Quantitative approaches to statistically validate consumer perceptions. And finally, sensory approaches to describe, based on complementary, standardized methods.


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Our strategy is simple: to guide our clients towards better knowledge and understanding of their markets and their consumers, in order for them to develop products and services that match their expectations.

Known for its dynamism and flexibility, Techni’Sens is positioned as a dynamic, innovative institute in marketing research and consumer science.

Our overall approach

A specific approach for each stage of your project.
All our approaches come together and interact, forming a multitude of possibilities, in combination with each other. Whether your need is to understand consumer expectations, to test the potential of a new product, or to screen innovations, we can help you with specific approaches.

Exploration and idea generation

Understand uses and attitudes
Identify needs gaps, insights, ideas, etc.

Concept validation

Screen ideas, claims, concepts
Validate the sustainability of concepts

Product Development

Validate elements of the marketing mix and optimize (product, price, pack, etc.)
Test formulas


Help you launch your product in the relevant market

Product renovation

Validate renovations
Perceived difference? Gain vs. the current one?
Risk on current buyers, etc.

Our solutions

You have a product to test?


Quali studies at Techni’Sens

Qualitative studies are in-depth studies of a psychological nature, seeking to explain behaviour and motivation, or to guide creative research. They are based on small samples, in individual interviews or group meetings.

Our Quali services


Quanti studies at Techni’Sens

Quantitative studies are surveys by questionnaire, administered to a sufficiently large representative sample of a population. They aim to describe and study behaviour, and to validate hypotheses and preferences.

Our Quanti services


Senso studies at Techni’Sens

Also known as sensory metrology or sensometry, these approaches involve describing a product through the sense organs. These methods are based on people’s training and experience, and allow them to “perceive”, “discern” or “identify” objectively.

Our Senso services

Innovation made in Techni’Sens

Our latest innovations

Driven by an innovative spirit and a desire to improve consumer understanding, the Techni’Sens Institute is committed to developing innovative methods. The institute aims to position itself as a driving force in sensory analysis and consumer science research, going further and further in data analysis.


Identification of the real motivations to buy: indirect questioning technique allowing the deep/unconscious motivations of the choice process to be captured.


Sensory description of a product by consumers, not by a panel of trained experts.


Evaluation of criteria only if they are perceived by the consumer, providing greater accuracy in the results and recommendations.

To learn more about our latest innovations

Our creations: webinars & posters made in Techni’Sens

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Discover the list of our latest webinars (in French)


1. HOW TO BETTER QUESTION YOUR CONSUMERS? Identify the key questions needed to obtain more precise answers and more incisive recommendations.

2. INDIRECTLY IDENTIFY CONSUMER PURCHASE DRIVERS. To obtain the deep motivations for the purchase in an indirect way, via the cognitive chaining method.

3. REVIEW ON EMOTIONS AND INTRODUCTION OF A NEW APPROACH. Overview of the use of emotions in product testing & reflection on a new methodology to detect and decipher them.

4. HOW TO OPTIMIZE A PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT WITH A RELEVANT MIX? New method consisting in coupling conjoint analysis with a purchase driver module based on the analysis of unconscious behaviors. (in collaboration with Johnson & Johnson)

5. SUSTAINABILITY, HOW TO TAKE INTO ACCOUNT THE VOICE OF THE CONSUMER IN RENOVATION PACK PROGRAMS ? Proposal of an innovative testing method to effectively support brands in the development of more sustainable packaging.


Discover our innovations presented at Eurosense (in English)


1. PURCHASING DRIVERS: a methodological approach for the evaluation of sunscreens for eco-responsible consumers. (in collaboration with Pierre Fabre)

2. SCAN REVIEW: a holistic study (sensory and consumer) on plant milks: perception and influence of off-notes. (in collaboration with Mane)

3. SURVIVAL ANALYSIS: survival analysis applied to pricing issues.

4. SENSO’FLASH: development of a new tool to collect sensory profiles without using an expert panel.

5. NATURALITY AND SENSORALITY: what is the link between naturalness and sensoriality in the cosmetic world? ,(in collaboration with L’Occitane en Provence)

6. IMPACT OF SUGAR REDUCTION: How can sugar levels impact product enjoyment and performance? (in collaboration with Mane)

7. EMOTIONS – quali: exploring emotions in a child-parent-product interaction relative to the cosmetic domain (in collaboration with Laboratoires Expanscience)

8. EMOTIONS – quanti: the expression of emotion and product categorization (in collaboration with Laboratoires Expanscience)

9. SUSTAINABILITY: a co-creative design experience for a food sustainable packaging (in collaboration with Sodebo)

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