Marketing research, consumer science, and sensory analysis

100% of untested ideas fail.

Join a panel of active, committed consumers, and preview new products.

Call on a team of experts to help you better understand your markets and your consumers through quantitative, qualitative and sensory studies.

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A good product tester is someone who judges a product sincerely,with constructive remarks and a critical eye.

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Techni’Sens, a research institute that listens to your needs

Known for its dynamism and flexibility, Techni’Sens is positioned as a dynamic, innovative institute in product research and consumer science.

With more than 15 years of experience, Techni’Sens has been able to capitalize on its know-how and thus establish its position as an expert in its preferred fields: qualitative studies, quantitative studies, and sensory analysis.

Testing of products, concepts, and packaging, and qualitative approaches

A approach global for a better understanding of people

Marketing studies and sensory analysis are invaluable tools and key steps in the life of a product. They provide an examination and evaluation of the organoleptic properties of a product or a concept by appropriate panels.

Techni’Sens assists you in your approach by setting up studies and consumer tests.




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