The ultimate guide for beginner product testers

Have you always wanted to preview products? To help improve the products of tomorrow?

Here’s everything you need to know before taking the plunge and becoming a product tester!

First of all, what does it mean to be a product tester?

Being a tester, as the name suggests, involves not only testing but also evaluating and giving feedback via a questionnaire on a selection of products, from home or at a beauty salon.

As a product tester, you’ll be asked to give your opinion on a wide selection of cosmetics and food products. You can also be consulted to evaluate concepts or packaging.

It is important to note that all the products tested are already or will soon be commercialized. Our studies come after the microbiological analyses and tolerance tests. Also, you can consume/use the products without fear for your health or safety.


How can I become a Techni’Sens product tester?

To become a Techni’Sens product tester, all you have to do is register by clicking on I’d like to register. To validate your registration, don’t forget to complete your ” profile survey “. This will enable us to target the pre-selection questionnaires we send you.


What qualities does a product tester need?

Anyone can become a Techni’Sens product tester, at any age! However, to successfully complete each assignment we offer, it is preferable that you possess the following qualities:

  • Curiosity: wanting to discover new products.
  • Objectivity : give your opinion without letting yourself be influenced. To help you, the brands of the products tested are not disclosed, and the packaging is anonymous.
  • Rigor : answering questionnaires and evaluating the product while following instructions to the letter.
  • Availability : have time to fit the test into your schedule.
  • Punctuality : be on time for the tasting sessions and answer the questionnaires before the deadline.


How does the selection process work?

First of all, as soon as your profile matches the product to be tested, we send you a pre-selection questionnaire. You can also find the link to the questionnaire in your
Tester Area.
You’ll have a few days to answer each one.

Then, if you correspond to the profile defined by our study, you will be contacted by telephone by a member of our team who will explain how the test works: the product, duration, etc.


You’ve been selected for your1st test. How do I go about it?

Home test: you receive the products directly at home (or you can collect them from one of our institutes). Afterwards, nothing could be easier, you will have to follow the protocol that will be provided in your package and answer the questionnaires sent by email on the scheduled dates.

Test at one of our institutes: we’ll call you to let you know the date and time of the test (we’ll also send you an SMS reminder the same day) and the product you’ll be testing. Once you arrive, a member of our team will guide you through the session.


Bonus tips: Techni’Sens recommendations

Before a test: we recommend that you do not smoke, eat too much, chew gum or use perfume. This alters your senses, and you’ll be less able to assess the product correctly.

Finally, we encourage you not to try to guess the brand of the product being tested. This could distort your opinion and hinder the smooth running of the study in progress.