The truth about consumer tests!

Consumer tests: how much do you really know?

Your opinion is essential in shaping products that suit you.


As a tester, you’ll play an active role in developing and improving the products you use every day. But do you really know what these tests are for? What are the benefits for you and your brands? And how are your answers used? If you’ve ever asked yourself these questions, this article is for you!

The importance of consumer tests

Consumer testing plays an essential role in product development and the product life cycle. You may be asked to test packaging and different aspects of a product. These tests ensure that our products really do meet your needs and expectations.

Benefits for consumers

So what’s the point in taking part in these consumer tests?

Make your voice heard

It’s the ideal way to express your opinion and make yourself heard by the brands that market the products you use every day!

Join a dynamic network

On Instagram and
interact with active and involved consumers.

Bonus: exclusive

It’s the perfect opportunity for you to discover new and varied products: food, cosmetics and more. The bonus? Get a sneak preview! Get ahead of the official release of these products: receive them for free, test them and treat yourself 😉

Benefits for brands

Thanks to these studies, brands gather precise, objective data from a representative panel of the population. By carrying out these tests under real-life conditions, they can :

  • Understanding product strengths and weaknesses
  • Analyze consumer trends
  • And identify products that truly meet consumer needs

In this way, brands can better understand your preferences and expectations as a consumer. For example: “Do you like the smell of this cream? The taste of this cake? Does the packaging of this product make you want to buy it? Etc.”

Using your answers to questionnaires

As an institute, we organize these tests, collect the data, then analyze and synthesize your testimonials. Your answers are then processed and analyzed by our research managers, who can then send a detailed report to the brands.

At Techni’Sens, we’re proud of our role in this value chain, and in particular of our ability to strengthen the link between consumers and brands. Together, let’s help shape the products we use every day.

Your opinion counts and makes all the difference!