Which Tester are you?

Which Tester are you?

Are you a Cosmetics or Food person? Test in Institute or at Home ?

Take this test to find out what kind of Techni’ Sens tester you are!

1, 2, 3…

Here we go, discover your tester profile!

1 – When someone calls you to suggest a test:

a. You are super excited and counting the days until you can finally start it
b. You are happy but not sure if you will be available on that date
c. You missed the call!

2 – In general, your favorite type of test is :

a. None, you like them all and can’t choose
b. Rather cosmetics and/or food, but you must be interested in the product
c. A favorite test? You wish you could answer but have never participated before

3 – In the concept of product testing, what you like most is :

a. To discover new products and give your opinion
b. To be rewarded
c. To be able to live a new experience

4 – In everyday life, you would say that you are more :

a. Curious, you always want to discover new things
b. Epicurean, you like to enjoy life and do not impose anything on yourself
c. Overwhelmed, you can’t always do what you want

5 – If you are asked to tell your friends about the product tests :

a. You would recommend them without hesitation, many have already registered
b. You could probably talk to them quickly
c. You would expect to know a little more about how the tests work


Majority of A’s: Passionate Tester
You are always up for a new test! Cosmetics, food, wine or pet food, you never refuse to live a new experience. You don’t care about compensation, you just want to discover new products and have your opinion heard. If you could, you would probably become a professional tester so you could do this every day.

B Majority: Occasional Tester
You enjoy participating in certain tests. You take the time to complete the questionnaires when the product interests you, as long as it doesn’t take too much time. You find the concept nice. Finally, being compensated or being able to keep the products is a real plus for you!

C Majority: Future Tester
You’re looking forward to your first test, but it always seems complicated. You never find the time to answer the questionnaires and the one time you did, you missed the call to register! You hope that one day, your schedule will allow you to finally live the experience of being a tester.

What does it mean to be a Tester at Techni’Sens?

Do you want to discover new products? Want to be heard by your favorite brands? Come and test the products of tomorrow and join the Techni’Sens panel!

It means being asked to participate in product tests from time to time. They can be done at home (sending products by post), or in our institutes located in La Rochelle or Mérignac (Bordeaux). Then, you give your opinion on the products via one or more questionnaires, then you are rewarded!

See you soon for new tests!